Asking yourself,

         What does my membership get me?

We promote safe, courteous and lawful use of snowmobiles for individual and family recreation while protecting our landowners, improving trails and supporting our community.

Snowmobiles must be registered and insured while using public trails.  Snowmobilers must wear helmets at all times, and stay to the right, on the trail.  Children under the age of 16 must take a snowmobile safety course and receive a certificate of completion.

Come join the fun and share in the excitement of snowmobiling.  The Polar Bares Snowmobile Club is a family oriented organization dedicated to safe snowmobiling and family fun!

We are a family friendly club.

Northern Illinois

Polar Bares Snowmobile Club

When you join and become a member, you assist the club and its fellow riders by ensuring we have a strong collective voice.  This voice becomes important during land tenure, wildlife management and may other issues that impact this recreational activity.

You will meet a host of experienced sledders.  Whether you trail ride locally or prefer the Northern trail system you will always have someone to call on for information.

By belonging to the Polar bares, you will automatically become a member of the Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs and receive the Illinois Snowmobile Magazine.

Plan on having lots of fun!  Our members are devoted to safety and making memories that will not soon be forgotten.